"Isn't She Lovely" - Throw Pillow

"Isn't She Lovely" - Throw Pillow

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"I wanted to highlight the different seasons in a woman’s life: Being a daughter, worship, friendship, romance, covenant, mothering, freedom, and favor for blessing future generations of women- This is your legacy as a woman of power, freedom, and love- declare this over your life every day and become the woman you are created to be in every season of your life! You are lovely- a princess- choose to see yourself the way God sees you and declare this every day and impart this to other women who don’t believe!" ~ Theresa Dedmon

  • 8x18 inches

  • 80% polyester / 20% cotton fleece

  • Soft, durable and suitable for fine print

  • Individually cut and sewn in LA

  • Concealed zipper

  • Machine washable

  • Pillow insert included (handwash only)

  • Resilient polyester filling retains shape