Created to Overcome
Created to Overcome
Created to Overcome
Created to Overcome

Created to Overcome

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Before this book is published, you can order Theresa’s new book fresh off the press and you will also receive an original painting she has created in worship in a 5 by 7 print, which will prophesy into your destiny. She will be able to put your name on the first page along with her signature, so it will be specialized just for you. This offer lasts ONLY during the Heart Month, so get yours NOW!

She is only doing a limited amount of autographed copies, so make sure you get some for family and friends.

Why this book is so unique is that Theresa has an interactive QR code for each poem, where you get to see her paint as she recites the poem for you, plus there is a blank section after each poem where you get to create about your own heart journey!

Check out the endorsements below and make sure you get your personalized copy shipped to you!
(It may take 4-6 weeks for the book to arrive, given COVID delays)


Get ready for an immersive experience into this masterpiece created by Theresa Dedmon. You will love the interactive journey into the heart of the Father! I was overwhelmed by this book and I think you will be too, for you are ‘Created to Overcome.’ Each journal entry and beautiful artwork will capture you and take you deeper into the heart of our creative God. Theresa has given us a visual, guided tour through each section of this book. You will move from ‘A Wounded Heart’ to “An Abundant Heart.” Enjoy this marvelous journey as you read Created to Overcome!
Brian Simmons (Lead translator, The Passion Translation Project)

As you get a glimpse into Theresa’s personal journey of overcoming childhood trauma and shame, you’ll experience the love and redemption of the Father. Each chapter, through journal prompts, graceful poetry, and inquisitive questions, reiterates your value as a child of God.
- Kris Vallotton (Leader,  Bethel Church, Redding, CA)

Theresa is a carrier of vibrant hope and prophetic vision. In Created to Overcome she offers a joyful interactive journey that will most definitely encourage the reader to experience the wholeness, hope, and abundant life that can only be found in Jesus!
- Georgian Banov (President and Co-Founder of Global Celebration)

What a beautiful book! By unlocking the caged creativity of her own soul, Theresa Dedmon has opened the world of the arts to all of us. May this book inspire a renaissance in every reader, especially to those who follow the Creator of us all.
Stacey Campbell (Shiloh Global)